Madly Unto Eternity


My thesis film from graduate school “Madly Unto Eternity” is now up for public viewing here:

It took me and my esteemed colleague Tobias Beidermühle a long time to finally settle down long enough to even have the conversation about posting it for public viewing, and for a few of those who worked on the film with us, this might have caused some consternation.

Our apologies.

The making of the film came at a transitional time for me personally, and I was grateful to bury myself in the work; as a creative sort who wears a standard deviation more hats than the average bear, there was a great deal of work in which to be buried… It was – at the time of its completion – my single greatest creative, interpersonal, and bureaucratic achievement, rivaled only by the years of freelance work in New York that followed.

Madly, like any other student film, has its share of obvious issues that make any filmmaker worth his salt cringe to observe. The missed opportunities. The lack of extras in your public space. The scene that was written better as an audition side than the one you ended up shooting. Every time I watch the film, these things are staring back at me and gnawing at my creative conscience. Miserable little gremlins, they.

What I realized when I QC’ed the public cut posted above, however, was that it was well worth every ounce of heartache, stress, and frustration that it took to produce the damn thing, and I’d do it all again – though perhaps a little better – if given the chance. Or maybe I’d have stuck to the original plan and gone to medical school like a man who cared about helping people and having a steady job. Hard to say when you get into these hypotheticals.

Oh well. It’s here, and I hope you like it.

xoxo – Pikey


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