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Producer/Director/Editor Reel

One thing that I greatly enjoyed about working at Veria Living under the leadership of Andrew Struse was that he created opportunities for personal artistic growth that stretched beyond the borders of our official creative sandbox. I hadn’t imagined that we’d accomplish so much in a calendar year, as there was no shortage of procedural work, but this kind of location shooting is what I loved to be doing, and there was just enough time to do it all.

All of our work supported the brand and translated well between pillars of the company, but at the end of the day, event coverage and promos are two very different animals: location work presents opportunities to mingle your brand with others that might be household names – more successful, more controversial, or sometimes just built for a different demo – whereas promos rarely afford such latitude without a lot of ad sales and marketing groundwork laid in advance.

As a producer, I love laying this groundwork. It’s methodical, deliberate, and civil by its very nature; as a director, however, I love the process of discovering what might never naturally occur as a predetermined plan from the producing standpoint.

As an editor, I just always wish I had more drive space.

xoxo – Pikey


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For the one or two of you who actually read this blog, I’m sorry for the long hiatus; life, relationship, career, etc. prevailed over grooming my web persona, and I can’t say it hasn’t been an exciting time since last I sat down to write an entry.

But down to business.

I’m freelancing once more, and that means updated reels and the like are here for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned for more…

xoxo – Pikey

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June 30, 2014 · 2:23 am