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What I actually think about while waiting for the subway.

the future came and went

Dear Future,

I’d like to offer you an apology. It recently occurred to me that humanity, of its own insecurities and deficits of character, has placed an unfair level of responsibility upon you for its misery. I simply cannot imagine if everyone simultaneously exalted me for my potential to bring them everything and cursed me for being bleak, ominous, or even oppressive when I’d done pretty much the same thing I always had… the worst part? No matter what you bring, it seems like you always disappoint more people than you satisfy, and you can hear them talking shit about it in that especially entitled tone of voice.

I know all you ever wanted to do is to rock your own corner of time while people fawn over the past and take the present for granted. I’m sorry we let the past take credit for the cool stuff you’ve done, I’m sorry we’ve blamed you for the present’s shortcomings, and mostly I’m sorry that we don’t just trust you to handle your business without completely and unequivocally freaking all the way out, every single time we can’t predict what might happen. I want you to know that, while I cannot claim to understand the fullness or depth of it, I do know it sucks to be you. Like a lot.

And I’m truly sorry for that.

xoxo – Pikey


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